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Most of the time, Trusts are created and administered as intended. But, there are times when a Trust was improperly created, modified, altered, or changed that does not meet with the Trust creator's intentions.

Sometimes a Trustee abuses their power and control over the Trust. Other times, the Trustee needs to be defended for wrong accusations of wrongdoing.

Persante Zuroweste is a Tampa Bay law firm that handles all types of lawsuits relating to Trusts. We challenge the validity of trust and trust amendments for undue influence and lack of mental capacity. We also defend to uphold trusts from beneficiaries wrongly seeking to obtain an inheritance.

We sue and defend trustees in the Tampa Bay Area, too. Sometimes Trustees are mismanaging assets, poorly investing, or outright stealing from the trust. If you think that you need assistance with a Trust law matter in Florida

Our firm only handles litigation matters. In other words, our firm is available when a lawsuit must be filed. 


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PersanteZuroweste handles Trust and Trustee litigation matters. If you believe that you may need legal assistance regarding a Florida trust litigation matter, please contact us at (727) 796-7666.

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